Air Fresheners & Disinfectant Spray: Both are Not the Same

After cleaning, proper disinfecting is a significant step for reducing the spread of COVID-19. When it comes to disinfecting, many people consider that air fresheners help to eliminate hygiene risks along with the unpleasant odours.

(Do people think air fresheners disinfect too? I don’t think so. They use air fresheners only for the pleasant fragrance.

Why can’t out pitch be – ‘A product which disinfects everything around you. Be it surfaces and even air. It also leaves a pleasant fragrance. Safe and smells fresh.

Such products also claim to kill bacteria, whereas the ideal way to use air fresheners is to pre-disinfect the indoor space and then purify the air. Both disinfectant spray and air fresheners vary in their functions; let’s get to know more on this.

For decades, air fresheners are used to impart an aroma in the environment or to mask unpleasant odours. Once you spray it into the air, it creates a fine mist of fragrance that lingers in the space. On the other hand, a disinfectant spray is used to kill microorganisms, germs, bacteria, etc., on still surfaces.

Air fresheners are simple purifiers and certainly a good option for creating fragrance in your home or any other spaces. It is used throughout the society for spaces like bathroom, workplaces, hotels, hospitals and a range of private and public places. However, it is not at all a replacement product for preventing the presence of dirt and germs. It is always beneficial to use a disinfectant spray on frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, car handles, kitchen counters, keyboards, remote control and a few others.

(Let’s not get into

(Don’t think we should pitch 7-day here. It is a liquid spray and not an aerosol spray and doesn not disinfect air. I would suggest pitching Dr. Rhäzēs Surface & Air Disinfectant. keeps your surroundings safe and provides comprehensive protection against viruses and bacteria. Dr. Rhäzēs Surface & Air Disinfectant Spray contains 70% ethanol and kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.  The spray kills viruses & bacteria without water and pleasant long-lasting fragrance helps freshen any room as well. It is best be used in bedrooms, living rooms, workspaces, public areas, or any other space that you would like to remain safe and sanitized. It is designed and developed in Singapore and made in India.)

In the case of disinfectant sprays, you need to wear hand gloves to avoid contact with the fluid and then wipe clean with a damp cloth. Always opt for natural spray like Dr Rhazes 7-Day Surface Disinfectant Shield, which is made using nanotechnology that helps to provide a long-lasting effect and leaves a pleasant fragrance. With just one spray, you and your loved ones will be protected against viruses and bacteria. The product offers 7 days protection against virus with silver ions.

Nothing puts off people than the unpleasant smell. It best to use air fresheners only when required. It is advised to use in common areas like car, bathroom, and kitchen. But wouldn’t it be great if you are a product like Dr Rhazes 7-Day Surface Disinfectant Shield that does both the job – killing 99.9% of viruses & bacteria as well as keeping your space aromatic.

Here are four simple steps to use the spray:

  • Shake well before use
  • Spray it from a distance on highly-touched surfaces
  • Wait for a minute until the liquid is dry
  • Dab gently to remove the excess presence of the liquid spray.

The best way to clean bad odours in your house or car would be to clean the offending items. Air fresheners can only temporarily eliminate the foul smell in the area; hence you should clean or wash laundry, kitchen counters, bathroom, and other spaces or items. After cleaning, make sure you disinfect the space with Dr Rhazes 7-Day Surface Disinfectant Shield.

The spray offers 7 days protection against virus with silver ionsYou do not need to buy air freshener separately to kill the bad odour; instead, you can opt for a disinfectant spray which makes your area smell good.

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