Busting 7 Myths about Moving Services in Toronto

A move of any kind comes with its fair share of planning and effort before you can sit cozily at your new home. When you plan a move, you’re likely to hear all kinds of suggestions from well-meaning but misguided people. Make sure you do your own research before listening to any of their advice.

Here, we bust 7 myths about moving services in Toronto, so that you have a few less things to ponder about.

Myth 1: DIY is cheaper than Professional moving help

If you try to move house all on your own, your expenses are likely to be much more than what you plan for. Without professional expertise, you run the risk of forgetting to include various costs in the planning stage (such as truck hire or gas) or spending on packaging that is likely run in excess of what you actually need. Unlike professional moving services in Toronto, you lack the experience of handling all kinds of furniture and equipment and could risk damaging them during loading or unloading.

Myth 2: You can go with any moving company

There are plenty of rogue moving services in Toronto offering cheap estimates to entice uninformed customers. Chances are you’ll be scammed if you don’t research the moving company well. Make sure you choose movers that are licensed and have great reviews from their clients.

Myth 3: Any packing material goes

If you want to transport your belongings safely, make sure you use good packaging material that are durable. Regular cardboard boxes from a grocery store may not be hold much weight and could easily fall apart. There are several cheap moving services in Toronto too that provide the packing supplies.

Myth 4: Moving services will move anything and everything

Discuss with moving services in Toronto about things they will and will not move. Perishable items (including food and plants), hazardous things and alcohol are commonly seen in the list of things that movers will not move.

Myth 5: Mover’s insurance entirely covers the move

Insurance provided by most moving services in Toronto is usually only a basic coverage. Damages due to poor packing on your part may not be covered. Talk to the movers if you need to upgrade your plan, and even check with your home insurer if moving house is already covered by them.

Myth 6: Some damage is bound to happen

These days, even cheap moving services in Toronto can more often than not, be trusted to transport your belongings without damaging them. Some of Toronto’s best movers pride themselves in offering damage-free moves.

Myth 7: Labeling boxes is a waste of time

In all the work that goes into planning a move, if you think that box labeling isn’t worth the time, you are bound to regret it while unpacking. Make sure you take stock of all the boxes and label them so that you and the movers know which room each box should go.

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