How To Package a Food Product For Online Sale

The food industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is constantly growing as online shopping continues to expand. Sellers on eBay and other online marketplaces must pay close attention to what they are selling if they hope to stay competitive, which means knowing how to package products for safe shipment.

Below are effective ways to package a food product for online sale:

  1. Keep it Cool

Products will spoil if they are not kept cold enough, so it is vital to pay close attention to this detail when shipping food. Use an air-tight container that is well insulated or keep the product in its original packaging with ice packs, hence the need to engage TopPop Packaging for all your packaging needs.

  1. Protect Contents From Moisture

Moisture can cause anything from mold growth to bacterial contamination, so it is essential to protect products from moisture if the package leaks or becomes exposed to wet conditions. Use a waterproof container and place a layer of paper towels under and around the product.

  1. Choose The Right Container for Food Products

Food does not fare well when packaged without proper insulation, cleanliness, or appropriate packaging, so choosing a suitable container for food products is essential.

Bags are not appropriate for shipping food because they are easy to puncture. Also, glass jars can be dangerous since they are fragile and susceptible to breakage. Plastic containers offer better protection if the product must be stored in its original container. Use a container with a secure lid and keep the bottom of the container off any wet surfaces.

  1. Write Special Instructions on the Shipping Container

If you don’t want food to thaw or transport it unusually, make sure to write this information on the shipping container so that your package will get to its destination intact. For example, if you must ship frozen food or something that cannot be exposed to extreme heat, make sure the buyer is aware of this fact.

  1. Protect Labels

Suppose a label can be removed from a container or peeled during shipment, tape the label to the outside of the box. Scratchy labels may damage food items, so it is crucial to protect them with a layer of packaging material.

  1. Do Not Ship Perishable Items During Hot Weather

Peak heat times vary depending on the region of the country, but they typically occur during the summer months. Hot weather is also typical in late summer and early fall months, so it is essential to know what time these heat peaks occur to plan shipments accordingly.

  1. Plan for Longer Delivery Times

Peak seasons are always competitive, making it challenging to find shipping options. Sellers should plan accordingly by ordering early or shipping overnight during peak times.

  1. Keep Food Off the Floor

If you are sending food in a plastic container, make sure not to store any other items on top of it. It is best to ship items in an open box so that they can breathe.

Wrapping Up

The food industry is a lucrative market that is constantly growing as online shopping becomes increasingly popular, so knowing how to package food products for sale is essential. The tips listed above are valuable ways to package different types of foods safely, so consider implementing one or more of the techniques discussed when preparing future shipments.

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