The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in 2020

Technology has taken over every aspect of our lives. The 21st century has made everything and anything possible. We can achieve all our goals from the comfort of your home thanks to the digital age.

Need to deposit a check? Wire-transfer the money. Need a new outfit? Shop online. Need to go to the doctors? Download an app and log in, it’ll connect you to them. Need groceries? An app will deliver them to you. Need to join a new course? You can earn your certification at home. There’s nothing we can’t do all thanks to technology. No matter how small and minor the task may be, there’s no denying technology has made everything more manageable and convenient.

When talking about technological wonders, we cannot possibly leave Artificial intelligence (AI) out of the conversation.

In simple words, AI is the future of technology. Imagine a machine acting like a human being; except, it has the brainpower, speed, and intelligence of the machine itself.  This is what AI aims to do. It is known as the cluster of intelligence processes carried out by processor machines by drawing human intelligence as a research foundation.

In short, it is also defined as Machine Intelligence. Any machine that uses basic human intelligence to solve problems, plan, design, learn, assess, and the reason is known to incorporate machine intelligence. Read ahead and find out the different AI applications in industries, the problems it has solved, and the different kinds of AI machines that exist!

The Purpose of AI

There’s no doubt 2020 was a revolutionary year in the tech industry. A global digital transition has never been this fast and impactful before. People and companies engineered new knowledge to build their case. Especially when it comes to AI, we noticed a significant shift towards machine engineering in the tech industry. Knowledge engineering is designed to produce systems that act just like humans! They think like humans, learn like humans, respond like humans, and react like humans. Learning the basic functions of human intelligence is the core basis of any AI machine.

Every AI machine will use logic plus knowledge to think and respond. Since machines are designed to store memory, AI machines use the stored information to calculate predictions, fix mistakes, and strategize commitments.

Types of AI systems

With the recognition AI has gained since the last 10 years, many people strongly believe that humans will be replaced with robots given enough time. If machines can do exactly what humans can, why not just use them instead? But the fact of the matter is, the purpose of AI is to improve efficiency, productivity, and competence in our lives rather than replace us and drive us out of jobs. There’s a lot of work, supervision, and research that goes into creating an AI machine. Before a machine is designed and built, programmers and researchers discuss what new milestone the AI system could achieve.

  • Self-Aware AI machines

As the name suggests, self-aware artificial intelligence machines are designed to read and understand processes and stares. They analyze the scenario and use logic to decide the course of action before reacting to any situation. These kinds of machines are aware of the surrounding conditions and use previous memory to fix their reactions.

  • Reactive AI machines

Like usual AI machines, they do not work on memory restoration. They don’t store data or make future decisions based on memory. A reactive AI machine cannot use history or past experiences to predict or decide for the future. These machines use logical reasoning from the currently collected information to deduce a result.

  • Limited Memory AI machines:

As the name suggests, these machines have limited memory or a short memory. They can revise history and past experiences to learn from them and fix future mistakes. It stores previous information or experiences to help make informed future decisions. These kinds of machines are continuously learning through their ability to unlearn and learn. One of the finest examples of this machine is a self-driving car. The car is designed to observe environmental conditions, traffic conditions: road conditions, weather conditions, and more to make a logical decision for the trip.

  • Human-inspired AI machines

Human inspired AI machines to use necessary human intelligence and cognitive functions to produce results. The machine is designed to understand how a human reads, observes and solves problems. It is taught to take into account all emotions and desires of a human into consideration. These machines are currently in the making, ensuring a highly productive future for everyone.

AI And Problem Solving

When we talk about AI, we cannot forget the numerous ways it has helped us. Face recognition, voice recognition, speech recognition, chatbots, robotics, NPL text recognition, virtual reality, and augmented reality are, to name a few! It has also significantly improved its applications in many different sectors and industries in the world.


Teaching has never been more accessible. From grading to tutoring, AI has made teaching and studying hassle-free. AI machines support students by letting them move at their own pace without pressure.


AI machines make it possible for TV networks, film producers, and marketing agencies to connect with the audience better. From VR, AR to personalized user experience, AI helps with data analytics by implementing smart algorithms. TV networks use AI for predictive analysis to determine the percentage of the audience viewing their network, etc. Getting the best cable plan isn’t enough these days. People want more and along with getting a premium Spectrum Gold package make it a point to invest in a Smart TV that uses AI. Over time, as cable providers make use of the technology, we can expect the two to integrate with each other completely.


From scheduling appointments, tracking patient records to reviewing payments, and providing medical reports, AI systems in the healthcare industries are super responsive. They learn and understand every human query carefully before responding.

Final Words

With the pandemic, AI industry has seen massive growth and over time it will become an even more important part of our lives, With AI having the support of the upcoming 5G you can expect a whole new world to take shape. These are indeed exciting times to be alive in!

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