What is a Toilet Bidet and Why You Should Consider It?

There are various sanitary fixtures available in the market today that enable you to improve your toilet’s functionality. One such fixture is the bidet, which has been around for quite some years but seems to be growing in popularity daily. This feature can upgrade your bathroom’s interior design while helping you maintain proper toilet hygiene. Bidets can be standalone or handheld, and one may install a bidet that best suits their needs. These features can be a smart choice for those wanting to replace their toilet tissues.

When you use a toilet bidet for the first time, you might find its usage awkward. However, using a bidet isn’t rocket science. You may not get it right the first time, so it is essential to consider a few factors when installing one. Here’s more on what a toilet bidet is and the importance of considering it.

What Is a Bidet?

Initially, bidets may resemble a toilet. However, they have distinct features. Bidets come with faucets and flowing water, designed for direct body contact, resembling a sink more than a traditional toilet. While many people traditionally use the toilet and then switch to a separate bidet for cleansing, there are toilet bidet systems available that seamlessly integrate these functions, managing flushable waste for a comprehensive solution.

Bidets are diverse in sizes, shapes, and styles. This sanitary fixture has become a popular modern choice for most homes today. A water sprayer with a nozzle that may be connected to a toilet is included with the standalone bidet. Another alternative is a toilet seat bidet, which incorporates a sprayer directly into a toilet seat and allows users to customise the settings.

Choosing the Type of Bidet Toilets

The first step in installing a bidet toilet is to choose the type of bidet you wish to use. Additional considerations to consider are money, bathroom space, installation method, and whether it fits the toilet bowl. The following are the preliminary measures to take before installing a bidet:

  • Select from three popular options: spray, seat, or freestanding bidet.
  • Turn off the water supply to your toilet tank.
  • Empty the toilet tank.

Why Should You Consider Installing A Toilet Bidet?

Avoid Clogged Toilets

The most prominent advantage of installing a toilet bidet is that you no longer have to deal with clogged toilets. Clogged toilets often occur due to toilet tissue papers; replacing them with a bidet will lead to less clumping or clogging. People often throw tissue paper absent-mindedly into the toilet directly, which could clog the toilet, especially if you have an old sewage system. So, bidets can be a great alternative to prevent such instances and save you plumbing costs.

Personal Hygiene

Even though we are trained to wipe ourselves from front to back, most people may not be well-acquainted with the technique. If you have piles, rashes, or any other sensitivity in the genital region, a bidet toilet will be quite useful. Toilet paper may be unpleasant, aggravating pre-existing skin issues. Apply a warm water stream before patting dry with a clean paper or towel. Your body will appreciate it.

Bidets are an excellent method for kids to ensure that they’re able to clean themselves down there conveniently without having to shower them from head to toe thoroughly.

Transition Away From Paper

Many individuals attempt to be environmentally conscious, with increased beliefs like composting and zero-waste. Papers, particularly perfumed and colourful, do not fit that equation. Toilet bidets are a good option that helps to reduce the quantity of paper waste generated in the average household.

Bidets Are Gentler On Sensitive Skin

Forceful or repeated wiping may irritate the skin, resulting in cuts. What’s more, using toilet paper on haemorrhoids irritates them. Water does a better and more gentle job of cleaning.

Bidets Are Easy To Use

Bidets help older people and persons with limited mobility clean themselves with ease. This not only assists them in maintaining proper hygiene but also keeps them from losing their privacy or becoming dependent upon others when using the toilet.

Lower Your Risk Of Haemorrhoids

If you replace your bidet with one that provides medium-low water pressure, it will relieve the pressure on your anus and prevent haemorrhoids.

Final Words

Getting used to bidets may take a short while, but many people find them so pleasant that they choose to make a lasting switch. If you’re considering giving a bidet a try, carefully review the device and ensure you’re prepared for the water jets. You must not get intimidated by the technology used by a toilet bidet. Once you get acquainted with its function, using this sanitary fixture will be a breeze. Then it will leave you wondering why you didn’t have it installed in your bathroom all this while.

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