How do you claim personal accident insurance policy?

Do you know that India ranks first in the number of road accidents in the world? While driving, road safety is one of the biggest concerns that claims thousands of lives every year in an accident. But if you have a personal accident cover, you can get a protective cover and peace of mind. Read further to know how you can claim for the same.

Have you ever wondered what will happen if you suffer a severe injury due to an accident that affects your ability to go to work? Road accidents are the most unwanted thing that can happen to anybody. It is better to stay protected, as such situations can be physically traumatising and financially challenging to manage. Hence, personal accident insurance can come as a saviour that provides you financial protection in case of death, bodily injury or any disablement. The policy offers 100% sum assured to the nominee or legal representative in case of death and 100% sum assured if you suffer from permanent or temporary disablement.

If you’re the only income-earning member in the family, then you should buy an accident cover irrespective of your age or health. For instance, you meet with an accident while driving for work or travelling somewhere; this insurance will save your family from the unexpected financial burden.

Prior to buying, you should know what is covered and what is not covered in this insurance:

What’s included in this policy?

  • Death
  • Loss of sight
  • Loss of Two Limbs
  • Loss of one Limb & one eye
  • Permanent or Temporary Disability
  • Cover for different types of accidents such as road accidents, train accident, accident due to any natural calamity

What’s not covered?

  • Death due to self-injury or suicide
  • Death while driving due to intake of intoxicating liquor or drinks
  • Death or injury due to illness or HIV/AIDS or pregnancy

How to claim for personal accident insurance? 

In the case of personal accident insurance, you can seek reimbursement after settling the hospital bills. Follow the below steps for the claim process:

  • If you have met with an accident, your nominee or assignee should get in touch with your insurance company immediately and provide your policy certificate number.
  • Avail the treatment at the nearest hospital and settle the hospital bills.
  • Make sure you preserve the original copies of the discharge summary, hospital bills, prescription bills, reports and receipts. Ensure the pharmacy bills and cash memos should have a doctor’s prescription.
  • File for reimbursement by downloading the form from the company website.
  • Submit all the copies with the duly filled form at the nearest insurance branch.

Note that you submit all the original copies only and provide accurate details to the insurance company, else your claim may get rejected. The amount will be directly reimbursed to your account, and the same will be intimated to you through an SMS.

In case insured die in an accident, the insurance company will ask for death certificate, claim form, police report, post-mortem report and original policy documents.

Accidents are unfortunate. Even if you ensure safety while driving on the road, it is necessary to ensure that you do not take your life for granted. Buying personal accident insurance is definitely a wise choice to stay financially protected.

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