Prepaid Legal Services Review – Is Prepaid Legal a Fraud Or Great Chance?

Prepaid Legal started by Harland Stonecipher in 1972. Prepaid is rolling out contracts getting a reliable lawyers to deal with legal claims. So let’s take a neutral evaluate the corporation.

The Experts:

Prepaid is not yet another ordinary Multi-level Marketing company. The business belongs to the brand new you are able to stock market and contains been from Forbes report on the 200 Best Companies in the united states for 5 years consecutively. Prepaid states they have over 1.5 million associates. Now Prepaid were built with a rough go through the 90’s. Good management introduced Prepaid from very desperate occasions and contains flourished.

The service that Prepaid provides its customers is utilization of numerous professional legal services. The cost connected while using plans appear very economical. The business certainly offers a very valuable intend to everyone. So for me personally, the assistance provided by Prepaid Legal are absolutely legit and Prepaid Legal is not a gimmick.

The Disadvantages:

Prepaid Legal has selected the Multi-level marketing model to promote its services. Now don’t talk that the wrong method. Multi-level Marketing is certainly a great enterprize model. But, it seems that Prepaid Legal has selected to market outdated multi-level marketing ideals for instance building lists of buddies and family to recruit for their companies. This possibly the fastest approach to add multiple individuals to your company, it isn’t sustainable when that well runs dry.


Prepaid Legal offers a service that almost everyone should have. It’s basically anything or under an inexpensive way to experience a lawyer on retainer. Is Prepaid a Fraud or Scam? No. But to get effective as repetition, you’ll have to learn how to properly market the assistance to individuals who’ve a want or need on their own account.

Tim Borgeson can be a professional marketer who takes great pride in aiding other entrepreneurs build and expand their business using appear marketing concepts to make certain positive business growth and establish extended term success. Tim has marketed a variety of products and services and contains attempted sales more than $14 million dollars inside the direct-marketing industry formerly 4 years alone..

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